Bad News

30 Mar

I just found out that I am running extremely low on bandwidth.  Apparently, you have to actually pay for space.  Who knew?!  Anyway, while I scramble around trying to find out what to do, I will leave you with a teaser for the upcoming blog post.  (Hint:  It’s pretty messy)


Happy Birthday Baby…

26 Mar

As I sit here thinking back on the year that we have had, I am awed.  I am amazed.  I am humbled by our many blessings.  My son was born in February of 2010 and since then we have experienced more giggles, more smiles, more love that either of us could ever imagine.

He turned one last month.  He was born, I blinked, and he was a year old.  A walking, “talking”, crazy little dude.  He is everywhere – chasing cats and taking names.  I can’t even remember life without him, nor do I want to try.

Ok, ok.  Enough sappiness.  Let’s get to the good stuff.  Craig and I decided to celebrate Canon’s birthday – get this – ON his birthday.  Genius, I know.  It fell on a weekday, which we kind of liked, because it gave us the chance to spend time with just him and introduce him to the 8th wonder of the world:  a chocolate smash cake.  Oh yes, we were that brave.  Let me tell you, it was nothing short of side-splitting hilarity.  We got it on video AND still shots.  Here are few of the…well I was going to say “outtakes” but that would entail that something else was supposed to have taken place.  It wasn’t.  This is EXACTLY how I envisioned it would be!

Ok, so the next two aren’t exactly “award winning” photographs, but they are pretty funny!

I will continue the birthday festivities with his birthday party in the next post.  Have a great weekend!

Ah, Inspiring!

23 Mar

Did you see what I did there, with the title?  “Awe inspiring” turned “ah, inspiring!”  No?  OK, then.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to show you where my inspiration comes from.  Call it the big reveal.  The answer to life (and you thought it was 42.  Hmpf!)  Come closer.  Closer.  Are you ready for it? I find inspiration…




Too cliche?  Eh, too bad.  ‘Cause I do.  I see beauty everywhere I go.  I see new and interesting things in every nook and cranny that I pass.  Sometimes I capture it in my mind, bottle it away for a rainy day.  Sometimes I capture it in my handy dandy camera.   Thank goodness for that thing!

Here are some random inspirations that I found while living life.  Enjoy!

Where do you find your inspiration?  Tell me!  I gots ta know!

Goodbye 2010…

18 Mar

Wow.  2010 was such a crazy year.  It is kind of ironic that we rang in the new year by relaxing with family, given how busy our lives were the entire year.  I actually really enjoyed myself.  My sister’s birthday is on New Years’ Eve so we celebrate every year.  Normally, we head to downtown Fairhope for the annual Ball Drop and festivities.  Due to economic reasons I assume, the celebration was cancelled so we were left with nothing to do.  Queue my ever fabulous grandparents.  They opened their home to us, where we partied like rockstars all night.  Or laid around and took naps until 10 seconds to midnight.  Whatever.

My beautiful grandmother.


Here’s a toast to an amazing new year!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

18 Mar

Ah, Christmas.  It is hands-down, my absolute most favorite time of year.   (Can’t you tell just from that sentence alone?)  I grew up in a fairly large family – I am the oldest of five children – so Christmas was always a big deal.  I mean, BIG.  Let’s face it, with that many people in one house, it is bound to get crazy.  And it does.  Every year.  And it’s getting crazier as our family grows.  The thing is – it gets that much better every year.  No matter what we give or receive as gifts, we have each other there.  We may be crazy and dysfunctional but we are family and we love each other.

In 2010, we had the privilege of spending time with almost all of our family.  We spent a weekend in Reform with my father’s family, then celebrated Christmas morning at my parents’ house.  Craig’s mom, stepdad and sister joined us.  It was truly wonderful having everyone in one place.  I can’t wait for this Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

I Finally Got It!

18 Mar

My husband and I share a few traditions that we have started on our own.  Those are extra special.  One of them is going to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL every year to see the Christmas lights display.  We went there on our first date, we were engaged there a year later, and we have made it a point to visit every year since.  2010 was a special year for visiting since it was Canon’s first time going.  We were so excited to go with my best friend, Paige, her husband, Brad and our sweet ‘niece’ Stella.  Ok, so maybe 9 and 10 month olds aren’t as amazed by the lights as we thought they would be, but at least the grown ups had fun.  (Fun side note:  Paige and Brad were engaged at Bellingrath also – several years before us!)

Anyway, I was super stoked (really?! did I just ‘say’ that?!) to go and practice what I had learned over the past year with my camera.  I had been trying to take pictures of the swans on the lake FOR-E-VER!  This was to be my shining moment or my embarrassing let down.  How did it go?  Well, they aren’t perfect, but I am pretty proud of myself.  Given the lighting situation (as in, there is none, aside from the actual Christmas lights), I think I did ok.

Here are our sweet babies…

Paige and Brad in the same spot where they were engaged years earlier!


And now for the scenery!


And here is the elusive swan…


I finally got it!


So Blessed…

18 Mar

There are so many things in my life I have to be thankful for.  My amazing husband, who loves me in spite of who I am.  My precious son, who brings me more joy than I ever thought possible,  just by being alive.  My whole family (including those not related by blood or marriage), for their unceasing love and support.  My cat, as crazy as he is I just love him to pieces.  My health and the health of those I love.  Last but certainly not least, my God.  I don’t know how I would make it through the day without knowing He is with me.

Speaking of being thankful, we went to Naples again for Thanksgiving 2010.  In addition to the regular crew of my FIL Ken and his girlfriend Andrea, my BIL Kurt brought his girlfriend Kara to meet us for the first time.  So glad he did too, because we love her!  They live on opposite sides of these here United States, so I decided to take some pictures for them.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

This little guy was not shy at all.  In fact, he stayed with me for a good 15 minutes – at least – and actually posed for pictures.  It was wild.

Canon loves his Grandpa!

My two favorite boys!


You never know what interesting characters you are going to come across in Naples, FL…


Ah, amore…

And because you can never have enough of the details…

Happy Friday everyone!!!