College Bound

14 Mar

Ok, we aren’t college bound, but we were bound for a college town to visit my sister.  We drove to Atlanta for a weekend in November 2010 to show Canon where his Aunt Weatherly attends school.

As you can see, we didn’t actually tour the school at all.  Since we did that 2009 and we knew Canon didn’t care, we decided to see some new sites.

Do you have any favorite things to do in the ATL?  We would love some suggestions for our next trip!



14 Mar

Did I scare you?  No?  Yeah, I never was good at scaring people.  Maybe because I don’t like being scared myself.  Maybe I think it is cruel to scare people on purpose.  Maybe.  For this reason, Halloween has always been kind of tricky to me (get it, tricky?  Yes, even I groaned at that one.)  See, I love to dress up in costumes, become someone I am not just for a night, but I don’t like the scary stuff that generally goes with the holiday.  Instead, I prefer to become lovable characters, be it fictional or non, just to live in their shoes for a while.

I decided (and thankfully Craig went along with it) that we wouldn’t have scary Halloweens in our house.  Halloween would be a fun time of dress-up.  No ghosts or goblins.  No Jason or scary clowns.  Nope.  Disney, animals and history would prevail.  Wow, that sounds fun.  Really it is, however nerdy that last sentence came out.

2010 was Canon’s first Halloween.  We took him to a small pumpkin patch by his daycare for fall pictures, and he had a blast.  Of course, when the actual holiday rolled around, he was the CUTEST mouse that has ever graced the surface of this planet!  (I am not biased, I swear.)

What do you guys think of Halloween – do you like scary or no?

Have a great Monday!

Third Year’s A Charm?

11 Mar

I don’t know about that.  Our third year as husband and wife was pretty crazy.  We had a baby (high), a serious illness (low), and death in the family (low).  Seems a little out of balance, doesn’t it?

No matter, we still had a great year.  We were so excited to celebrate our third anniversary.  Because we are all “romantical” and stuff, we decided to spend it…playing mini golf.  Yep, we are so sexy.

We had a wonderful time spending quality time together – just the two of us.  Funny how life just sweeps past you before you can even take a breath.  It’s nice to be reminded that you still can have fun together.

Oh, and guess who sucks at mini golf?!  That would be me.  Big time.

Following in Faith

11 Mar

In October 2010, Craig decided to follow his profession of faith in baptism.  We were all so proud and excited for him.  Our church, Jubilee Shores United Methodist Church, is a non-traditional church and held the baptism in a member’s swimming pool.  It was a very intimate time with the family and friends of the three people who were following in faith.  It just felt so real.

I am so proud of the man he has become and I am so honored to call him my husband.

The Big Easy – Part Deux

11 Mar

So after my big girls weekend in October of 2008, Craig and I decided a weekend away was in order.  Where did we go, you ask?  New Orleans of course.  We made the loooooong trek of 3 hours in December 2008.  Again, I had not yet acquired my camera, so I was playing around with a point-and-shoot.  We had a fabulous time and can’t wait to go back!

Happy Friday everyone!

The Big Easy – Part Une

10 Mar

Ah, New Orleans.  It never ceases to amaze me with it’s interesting characters and photogenic scenery!  My husband grew up there so I feel a closer tie to the city now.  Even though it is so close to home, I feel as if I am in another country when I go there.  I can feel myself relax as soon as I see Cafe Du Monde.  I can taste the beingets and cafe au lait now.  Sounds like it’s time for a little road trip.  Any takers?

I went with my girlfriends to NOLA for a weekend in 2008 and we had a blast!  I still had my point-and-shoot little camera, so the quality of pictures isn’t that great, but I kind of like the actual shots.  Can’t wait to go back and try my hand again!

The next trip was two months later…stay tuned!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

8 Mar

Happy Mardi Gras!!!


Let the good times roll!!!